Special tools according to customer's request. Soldid and welding brazed carbide, PCD or HSS

Mechanical fixing

Plastic industry


GFB is specialized manufaturer of blades and knives used in industrial production systems, such as:

  • Cutting rotors

  • Estrusion dies for underwater pelletizer

  • Top and bottom linear blade

  • Counter knives for shredders and granulators

  • Knives for pulverizers and recycle plants

Special Tools


Special Tools


  • Cutters, Drills, Reamers Counterbores

  • Scrap-Chopper Knives

  • Shear Blades / Knife Holders

  • Punches and Marking carbide tools

  • Circular blades with bevel

  • Custom-designed Carbide inserts

  • Lance drill and milling cutters

  • Machanical fixing Tools