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GFB Universal

Precision self-centering chucks

Quick-change toolposts

Cast iron flanges

Self-centering chuck
Self-centering chuck
Self-centering chuck
Self-centering chuck
Self-centering chuck
Ergal self-centering chucks
Self-centering chuck
Self-centering chuck - Heavy version
Self-centerin chuck - Heavy version
Special Version chuck
Jaws and Pinions
Special Jaw
Turtles on platform
Precision manual
self-centering chucks

Manual self-centering chucks GFB Universalare available with 3 or 4 jaws, single o double slot, with inward or outward grip or soft top jaws.


  • Body highly resistant bed plate formed in a single cast iron piece.

  • Scroll, Jaws and Pinions are in Ni-Cr steel, hardened and heat treated, complely ground.

  • Option: with body in ERGAL alloy

Complete Toolposts
Complete toolposts
Toolpost-body and keys
Complete Toolposts
Flat-seat Toolholder

GFB Universal toolsposts are manufactured with high-quality materials. 

All parts are hardened, heat treated and ground. They can be easly mounted guaranting perfect adhesion, long live and high accuracy.  


Each toolposts is supplied complete with:

  • - 3 Flat-seat toolholders

  • - 1 V-shaped seat toolholders

  • - 1 Drill holder, for Morse taper shank

  • - 1 Hexegonal elbowed wrench

  • - 1 Cross-pin spanner

Additional toolholder are supplied on request.

Camlock - Flange
Stud bolt and nut - Flange
With through holes - Flange
Morse taper - Flange
Cast iron flanges with integral attachment

GFB Universal flanges are manufactured in high quality G25 cast iron and suplied with both contact area to the chuck and centering taper ground to ensure a snug fit between the parts of pairing.

The flanges are supplied complete with pins and screws


Are available with:

- CAMLOCK attachment (DIN 55029)

- Stud bolt and nut (DIN 55022-27)

- Through holes (DIN 55026)

- ISO attachment and MORSE taper shank

Special type are supplied on request  

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